Letter I – Cristina Ene


Dear Mary,

I know it has been a long time since I last saw you, and probably you are still angry with me, considering the way we left things. I’m writing this letter in an attempt to make peace with my past because I cannot live with the idea that my own sisters won’t talk to me. Maybe you do not fully understand my gesture, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was crawling in despair  like a prisonier trapped in her filthy cell with no escape whatsoever. You may thing of me as being a drama queen, but there are things you do not know. I know you believed all this time that I was living a perfect life back home, but it was all just a big lie.

At the last ball that I attended I met a not so young man, with not so much money, and as you may guess this wouldn’t have been such great news for mom and dad. I really enjoyed his presence, but because dad was reluctant with my going to Mrs. Wickham’s balls I suffered greatly because I couldn’t be around him anymore. You may think of me as a foolish young woman who gets herself into trouble without reason, and you may also think that I had no reason to cause such a fuss, but love is blind to rational arguments and financial issues. Our society frowns upon such way of thinking and I tried to comply to the general rules and not bring shame upon my family, but there comes a time when one must follow her own road and make some steps without being forced to do so. You may not agree with the road I took, believing that it leads to nowhere, but actually it leads to a merry happy life.

Since that snowy Christmas Eve I am a different person. I gathered myself and decided it was now or never. I put on the best attire, comb my hair and told mom I was going to buy some gifts that would be stuffed under the Christmas tree. Instead, I went straight to the airport and booked a one-way ticket to Guayaquil, the city where Anton was about to be transfered that winter. I was so terrified, but as soon as I set foot in that land I knew I had taken the right decision. It was summer there and all those warming people helped me start a new life by accepting me. Anton was surprised to see me there, although he had hoped for my arrival. Here, it is warm all year round, and I can go to the beach every day. The first weeks after my arrival we visited a lot and I got acquainted with the surroundings of the city. Anton started working and I voluntared to teach English to children coming from poor families. I cannot tell you how satisfied I feel with my activity knowing that I can be of use to those needy people. Anton is doing great with his job and we managed to get our own house, so here we are more fulfilled that anyone would have thought.

Now, we are planning out wedding and what’s a wedding without its family??! I would love to have you around in the happiest day of our lives and let’s overcome all this prejudice that has caused so many riots.

Hope to hearing from you!

Sincerly yours,



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