Letter II – Anca Geambasu

Dear Kitty,

I received your letter and I must confess I was a little bit surprised. I didn’t expect you to be that brave and get so far away from home, but somehow I envy you. Things have changed since you have left, the atmoshpere in the house is more tense and suffocating than ever. I feel so loney and deserted…

The only friends I have left are those from my favourite books. As you can imagine, since not long ago you were finding yourself in the same position, I am locked with mama and her friends, preteding to enjoy their company. I am sick and tired of all this hypocrisy. I can read on their faces the disdain they carry towards me, and I know they do not appreciate me because I am not as beautiful as they wanted me to be, and also they interpret my innocence as foolishness. It’s funny to see the efforts they make in trying to be polite and gallant. All here seems to be just a failing attempt to live large. The girls are still only concerned about their appearance, the more fanciful garments the better, as if all you do is because you want to impress your future husbands. Even at parties, when they all sing and dance, you can see on their face the desire to be admired and considered worthy of respect. I wonder when this mentality will change, because after all these years things are just the same, as if our society hasn’t been afected by the pasing of time. The music that I played at the balls was for myself, was to enchant the soul, not the body, that is why I liked to play at the piano songs that inspired great deeds, but I guess it was in vain…

Despite our past, I am happy for you and I wouldn’t miss your wedding for anything in the world. In fact, I am eager to get away, escape the strains of this outdated mentality, and make, as you did, my own life without caring what other people say. I really need a change in my life, one that would make me feel an independent human being able to think for herself. Your escape inspired me, althought in front of the others I totally rejected your behaviour, and you must know that I empathise with your cause!

I think I also want to start afresh in Guayaquil since you seem so accomplished, and I am more than willing to start working with those poor souls you mentioned; but you should offer me some more details in order to make things going. Therefore, my dear sister, you will be my passport to a new beginning.

I am more than determined to take this step, to flush away the stinky life I’m bearing, to leave behind those who cannot or won’t understand that in this century moral progress must be made, and good causes must be fought.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Please send me all the necessary details for my coming to see you.



River Guayas along Guayaquil from Cerro de San...

River Guayas along Guayaquil from Cerro de Santa Ana.


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